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Operational Notes


2015-03-07 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as podcasting

I made my first post to LISNews in a while. It feels weird being gone for so long. Since the iTunes Music Store dropped the reference to LISTen: An Program from its listings some reference to finding old episodes had to be provided. Since the upgrade to Drupal 7 killed the database it is probably a good thing that there is a backup of some episodes at

Operations Update

2014-11-06 by The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions, tagged as servicenotes

Currently many operations are suspended due to circumstances outside our control. We are working on restoring matters as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and consideration. We also apologize for the abrupt termination of LISTen: An Program and Burning Circle that occured on December 16, 2013.

New canonical GnuPG key

2014-05-18 by The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions
The new key is 9C4B2D87.

New PGP Key

2013-08-13 by The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions, tagged as gpg

The previously posted PGP key is revoked due to compromise. A new key is available and can be downloaded from the command line by executing the following command:

gpg2 --keyserver --recv-keys E061C9C0

The key block can also be accessed here.


2013-08-12 by The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions, tagged as servicenotes

It does appear that LISTen: An Program will be returning to air on the projected date of September 2, 2013. The hiatus will be over soon enough. Burning Circle continues to be produced on its normal scheduled.

Systems Shift

2013-06-22 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as change

Preparatory to running a netinstall on the BeagleBoard-xM using the directions here to bump it cleanly up to Xubuntu 13.04 potentially, I am having to migrate the homes of some services around. The in-house Raspberry Pi is going to be picking up a bit of the load for the time being it seems.

Scripts get to run. Audible things like podcasts get downloaded via a hacked-upon version of bashpodder and gpodder being used in a command-line automated fashion. Launchpad branches auto-update to keep control over the bashpodder version in case something goes wrong. bzr-upload does its magic to stash that branch via SFTP in what gets viewed as a bit of gopherspace through the lens of SDF. GnuPG keys get refreshed frequently against the keyserver network.

LOCKSS, much?

The NYE Broadcast Announcement

2012-12-31 by The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions, tagged as announcement

It appears this announcement just went out to multiple mailing lists:

As long as our "i"'s are dotted and our "t"'s are crossed, there will be a New Year's Eve special on WBCQ on 5.110 MHz from the production team at Erie Looking Productions in concert with the team behind the Ubuntu UK Podcast.

The Joint New Year's Eve Special will be airing at 7 PM Eastern on New Years Eve, 12 AM UTC New Year's Day. The show is a variety hour with a retrospective on the world of Linux and Ubuntu more specifically, poetry and music by Ashtabula-area musician Mike Kellat, and a policy essay on global communications in the aftermath of the World Conference on International Telecommunications 2012 in Dubai. Other PSAs such as "Profile America" from the US Census Bureau and some silliness is included as well as a music break. Cleveland-area life studies artist Big Ed Kellatis assists Mike Kellat with the poetry reading.

The show is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 United State License which is further explained at with the show to be attributed with "Joint New Year's Eve Special" as title and "Gloria D. Kellat" as the responsible producer. Sharing and posting of airchecks is encouraged especially by sites like SWLing Post.

Erie Looking Productions produces "LISTen: An Program" at to cover the realm of library & information science as well as "Ubuntu Ohio - Burning Circle" at to cover the activities of the Ohio Local Community team of the Ubuntu Linux project. The Ubuntu UK Podcast production team releases programs at covering the world of Ubuntu more specifically and Linux more generally. Gloria D. Kellat, producer at Erie Looking Productions, served as overall producer for the joint effort this year.

Much like last year's shortwave special produced by Erie Looking Productions alone, this is done to highlight the impact of dangerous trends towards a fractured and broken Internet that have grown ever larger since the start of the Arab Spring. It is far too easy in today's world for the Internet to simply go away whether by human intention or the intervention of natural circumstance as seen in the multiple failures of Netflix during 2012. This remains yet another drill to show that message content rather than transport medium is key to communications viability.

Shortwave is most certainly not dead yet...

Advance Notice of Possible Termination of FeedBurner Use

2012-06-20 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as notices

On Wednesday, June 20th, FeedBurner showed an extremely interesting error in which it disavowed control by Erie Looking Productions of the various feeds we have passing through FeedBurner. In many respects that is extremely disturbing. When you produce podcasts and you have people with the FeedBurner feed in their podcatchers and others receiving such via e-mail, it is ultimately critical to ensure you can still reach your audience. In a media production environment, you have to control your distribution to ensure success especially if intermediaries begin to go rogue. While we do not yet possess the funds to purchase the airtime blocks to traverse the skies through the magic of shortwave radio propagation and free us of the shackle that is Internet topology, we can still take action to consolidate access methods.

Removing the use of FeedBurner will impact a variety of listeners to LISTen: An Program as well as Ubuntu Ohio -- Burning Circle. Those who subscribe via e-mail will have to change their subscription method to using either their regular RSS feed reader or a podcatcher such as Juice or gPodder. We have not yet found an acceptable e-mail solution to transition e-mail subscribers to. The basic feed to input for LISTen: An Program is while for Ubuntu Ohio -- Burning Circle would use in the relevant application.

Concurrent with the termination of FeedBurner use would be the cessation of the Google Voice number. For the most part it was rarely used. We expect this to not be an earth-shattering change. We currently are working on efforts to ensure we have a telephone number available where we can be reached via text message, at a minimum, in the future. We must continue our exploration of Gammu SMSD and FrontlineSMS before we are able to proceed with that.

Unless there are significant and dramatic concerns raised, it is expected that this change shall enter into effect on Friday, June 22nd. Concerns should be raised by sending e-mail to with the word Feeds in the subject line.

Advance Notice of Possible Termination of FeedBurner Use by Stephen Michael Kellat is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

Ping Test

2012-06-06 by The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions, tagged as blather

This blog technically lives in a directory on a SheevaPlug at Erie Looking Productions. Since BlazeBlogger creates static content, the site is updated locally and is uploaded to the server for display. After a rebuild of the SheevaPlug due to an unfortunate configuration screw-up, it is hoped that this new post shows up easily enough.

The Pleasure of BlazeBlogger

2012-05-26 by The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions, tagged as blather

This fabulous software back-end makes it easy to have multiple blogs constituted of static pages instead of dynamic moving parts server-side. As to Disqus integration, that is a project yet to materialize. Until then, comments are not technically feasible.