Erie Looking Productions

0.4 Works in Progress

0.4.1 Matters Upcoming

  • Re-work of short film efforts for later submission to an appropriate film festival

  • Development of new podcasting projects as well as development of audiovisual streaming using OBS Studio

  • Continued experimentation in optimal Over The Air television receiver systems design

0.4.2 Over The Air Reception

We have been experimenting with various styles of receiving television signals. With the recent "channel repack" the landscape has changed a bit as to what we now can receive. Displayed channel numbers on a television screen for Over The Air stations don’t necessarily have to match the actual RF channels in use.

Figure 1: An example of some Over The Air reception as seen from WSEE 35.3 ENN+ out of Erie, Pennsylvania.
Figure 2: An example of current Over The Air reception.

0.4.3 KCRW 7th Radio Race (2019)

We had the opportunity to participate in the KCRW Radio Race which is part of the station’s Independent Producer Project. The submitted piece was entitled: "When Local Media Isn’t Truly Local". The track is available for download from SoundCloud for listening. We didn’t win but were happy to have the chance to participate with a submission that certainly did not simply fit the mold the rest of the pack did.

Figure 3: A view of the track in the SoundCloud interface.